About Us

Who are we..

We are host website that serves to help you find your suitable rehabilitation center . We centrally gather various rehabilitation centers that contains more than one web page or series of web page .We also serve as link to nation wide rehabs to make your journey of recuperation of your life once again . We are humbled and pleased to be your host in journey of healing .

Many a times people relapse to the state they began with . Stress and agitation is the most common factor that causes relapse of your condition . De-addiction centers are not any amusement park you would ever want to visit so once in for all choose the right and we will help you find your right healing heaven


Our Mission

We are going to conjugate all the various rehabilitation centers nation wide to cater the people find resolution under one particular portal . We are here to serve and guide information about various treatments and recovery therapy available in Mumbai for all those who are suffering from physical mental and sensory disorders due to unstoppable urge of toxic substance abuse.

Our Vision

Is to improve and ease the path of you as individual have come across due to toxic addiction and heal your cognitive rehab services and to integrate all the quality , care ,educate , researches come out Handy . We want to help you achieve liberty from vicious cycle of compulsive substance . We not only want you to heal but our major motive is to help you eradicate the inclination of hazardous habits.

Our Values

Is to educate all the patients of our society about rehabilitation professionals and services across the nation to inculcate and incorporate the social economic status a person have lost within . We bring together all these healing centers under a roof to keep it at Bay . If compulsive substance ( drugs alcohol etc ) have eaten your life away we will help you come out of your drowning state.

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